MDB-FV02 Wynstan & Dougs Berry Bliss


Yummo our Berry Bliss breakfast cookies are packed full of morning get up and go just like our little friends Wynstan and Doug the pug brothers. Their mumma says they both go crazy over our fruity treats of goodness

Made with Gluten Free Flours, Raspberries, Blueberries, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut, Carob & Organic Chia Seeds.

12 round cookies per each pack.

Please note: as we make to order you need to allow 3-5 day before shipping out your order.

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Living the Pug life!

Name: Wynstan Lenford Lenry III
(Dad named me...)
Bark Date: 5/03/15
I live: Sutherland Shire, SydneykMy favourite foods: Chicken!! Carrots, blueberries, liver strips, and of course Miss Drews Blueberry Cookies.

My favourite toy: Anything that I'm not allowed to have. Pegs, shoes, drink bottles, letters. Anything that's within reach, and yes, on a table is within reach!!

My best trait: My baby face, I look so innocent!

My worst trait: I'm anything but innocent. I climb on anything and everything, I can open baby gates and sliding screen doors. I'm constantly into something 😈

Best time of the day: Snack time! And when mum wakes up or gets home.

A typical weekend for me: Weekends are hectic. I wake up the humans by bringing rocks from the garden inside and dropping them on the kitchen floor. When they are finally ready, we go to pug meets, the dog park, Bunnings, bushwalking, or visit family. It's pretty busy and I love it!!!

Name: Doug
Bark Date: 05/03/15, about half an hour after Wynstan
I live: With my pawrents and Wynstan in Sydney.
My favourite foods: Miss Drews Raspberry cookies with puppy milk, chicken necks, carrots, blueberries and capsicum.

My favourite toy: The little brown bear grandma got me. I carry it around and sleep with it. When the sun comes up I give it a few squeaks to make sure the rest of the house know the sun is up and that I found my bear.

My best trait: I'm the good pug, I'm always told I'm the good pug. I don't do the naughty things that Wynstan does, I just watch him.

My worst trait: I snore and sleep a lot. I'm always looking for my next nap. And apparently I'm an antagoniser. I don't know what that means. I'm just testing to see how close I can get to Wynstans wrinkle before he notices... Then run away really fast when he does!!

Best time of the day: Nap time!!! When the sun is in the perfect position over my pug bed is just bliss!! And when mum gets home, then I just follow her on her heels til bedtime.

A typical weekend for me: I'm all for waking up when the sun gets up, do my business, then go back to bed for the day, but it never happens. Weekends are so busy, I'm usually crashed out in some unusual position by about 6pm. I can't handle it! I need the humans to go to work/school to recover!!

Instagram: @wyndougs_pug_life

by Miss Drew